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How much is remote shipping for Canada and am I located in a remote area?Updated 9 months ago

-For remote area shipping, if you live in an area classified as ‘remote’ by our delivery partner, you will be charged an additional $14.99 (A0A, A0B, A0C, A0E, A0G, A0H, A0J, A0L, A0M, A0N, A1V, A1Y, A2A, A2B, A2H, A2N, A5A, A8A, B0C, B0E, B0H, B0J, B0K, B0L, B0M, B0N, B0P, B0R, B0S, B0T, B0V, B0W, B2S, E1N, E1W, E1X, E3L, E3N, E3Y, E3Z, E4A, E4B, E4C, E4E, E4G, E4H, E4M, E4T, E4X, E4Y, E4Z, E5A, E5B, E5C, E5E, E5G, E5H, E5J, E5L, E5M, E5N, E5P, E5R, E5S, E5T, E5V, E6A, E6B, E6C, E6E, E6G, E6H, E6J, E6K, E7A, E7B, E7C, E7E, E7G, E7H, E7J, E7K, E7L, E7M, E7N, E7P, E8A, E8B, E8C, E8E, E8G, E8J, E8M, E8N, E8P, E8R, E8S, E8T, E9A, E9B, E9C, E9E, E9G, E9H, G0A, G0C, G0E, G0H, G0J, G0K, G0L, G0M, G0R, G0T, G0V, G0W, G0X, G0Y, G4A, G4R, G4S, G4V, G4W, G4X, G4Z, G5A, G5B, G5C, G5J, G5T, G8G, G8H, G8J, G8K, G8L, G8M, G8N, G8P, G9X, H0M, J0B, J0E, J0J, J0K, J0S, J0T, J0V, J0W, J0X, J0Y, J0Z, J8G, J8N, J9E, J9L, J9T, J9V, J9X, J9Y, J9Z, K0B, K0C, K0E, K0G, K0H, K0J, K0L, K0M, N0H, P0A, P0B, P0C, P0E, P0G, P0H, P0J, P0K, P0L, P0M, P0N, P0P, P0R, P0S, P0T, P0V, P0W, P0X, P0Y, P5A, P5E, P5N, P8N, P8T, P9A, R0A, R0C, R0E, R0G, R0H, R0J, R0K, R0L, R0M, R7N, R8A, R8N, R9A, S0A, S0C, S0E, S0G, S0H, S0J, S0K, S0L, S0M, S0N, S0P, S9X, T0A, T0B, T0C, T0E, T0G, T0H, T0J, T0K, T0L, T0M, T4T, T7A, T7E, T7N, T7P, T7S, T7V, T8S, T9C, T9M, T9N, T9S, T9W, T9X, V0A, V0B, V0C, V0E, V0G, V0H, V0J, V0K, V0M, V0N, V0P, V0R, V0S, V0X, V1G, V1J, V1K, V2G, V2J, V8A, V8C, V8G, V8J, V9Z)

-Please note, we cannot ship to these remote areas in Canada. (A0K, A0P, A0R, A2V, G0G, G4T, J0M, R0B, T0P, T0V, V0L, V0T, V0V, V0W, X0A, X0B, X0C, X0E, X0G, X1A, Y0A, Y0B, Y1A, Y9Z). 

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