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Have questions about our non-alcoholic beer? Head here for some more details!


We follow Good Manufacturing Practices as required by the FDA. In this case, that includes team member training on allergen handling, segregated storage, and planning production to minimize the processing of non-like allergenic products. Additionally

Shelf Life

For the best quality, our non-alcoholic beer is good for 1 year past the born on date, which can be found on the bottom of every can and in the corner of the box. However, if you happen to find some older NA beer stashed in the cabinet, it's still ok

How Do You Determine Pricing?

Athletic uses the highest quality ingredients possible to source, and we believe that shows up in the differentiated quality of our non-alcoholic beer. Unlike most companies, we build and operate our own facilities so we own every step of the process

Is There Alcohol in Your Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Yes, very low amounts. Our product is naturally fermented and there is variability in the ABV but it is always below 0.5%, the accepted limit for non-alcoholic beverages. This is roughly the same level as most kombuchas or fruit juices. Yes, even ora

Is Your Non-Alcoholic Beer Safe for Pregnant Women?

As there’s no safe level of alcohol intake during pregnancy or breastfeeding, abstinence from alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is always the safest approach. Although it’s unlikely that moderate intake of non-alcoholic beverages would pose any h

How Do You Make It?

Our NA beer undergoes a full fermentation, but by closely monitoring and adjusting variables along the way, such as temperature, we maintain very low levels of alcohol.

Are Any of Your Brews Gluten Free?

Upside Dawn is fermented from grains containing gluten and crafted to remove gluten. Gluten is present in malted barley and wheat both of which are listed on Upside Dawn's ingredients list. While we test every batch to be below 20ppm, due to the ferm

Do Your Brews Have Added Sugar?

We list all sweeteners we use in our ingredients list when we use them, currently, we only use sugar in our Radlers.